​​​​​​​ UI/UX design / Mobile app design
Yacht Services is an application designed to monitor the business process of a company engaged in the supply and service of yachts in various locations. The goal was to replace the old system, make a more modern and functional application that will most often be used on mobile devices during field work.

One of the problems of malfunctioning was the process of creating a new itinerary (1). When starting the process, the user first selects the ship and gets an empty itinerary, to which he then adds dates, locations to dates, services to locations and documents to services. This process goes in a circle as much as the user needs before uploading the data to the database.

Bulk uploading has been replaced by sequential uploading (2). This way of creating an itinerary simplifies and speeds up the process. The initial data entry is significantly reduced and each subsequent upload will be done independently, thus ensuring more efficient work in difficult circumstances when performing field work on mobile devices.

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